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S&E | Mountain Elopement

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When I think about Stacy and Ernest‘s wedding, I think about the amazing symbiosis of wild nature and such an intimate act of love as a wedding is. They got married on the highest peak of Hvar island, in the full beauty of Indian summer…The sky was just above them, one could almost touch the clouds, and the Adriatic Sea was all around as a quiet witness …

I remember that I had strange feeling, being with them on that cliff on Saint Nikola; on one hand I felt like an intruder, as if that moment was reserved just for the two of them!
But at the same time I was thankful, as I knew that I was part of something so beautiful and unique, a really special wedding to photograph! The scenery of this place is so inspiring that this cute couple flew all the way from Canada to Croatia to elope to this amazing part of Hvar.
Thank you for inviting me to be part of that beauty!
With this post I want to conclude last year’s weddings and look forward to new adventures that await me in this year…

Keao - New fan of your work here! Amazing!! The veil photo is just pure art and I can’t get over how happy they look. Congratulations to the happy couple!

damian burcher - Great tones in your images. Love the one of the veil blowing in the wind.

Jessie - That first black and white embrace on the rocks is my favorite. Beautiful!

Elissa - Oh wow, this entire elopement is crazy-gorgeous. It makes me want to visit Croatia as well…

Joanna - I am in love with each and every moment that you have captured here. I feel like I am there when I look at these photos! You did an outstanding job. They look so happy! What a blessing for them to have such beautiful photos.

Mandy - Wow. You really captured the feel of the day, great work!

horacio meneghello - que buenas que estan las fotos quien las tomo

Neri - How nice is to see that there are still people who appreciate such unique nature beauty and want to bond their love with it.
Author of these special photos has such a talent to capture both beauty of Hvar and Stacy’s and Eric’s love. These photos can win any photography competition in this World.
As for wedding choice, can’t be more beautiful and simple place.

Sam - Holy cow! This elopement was so lovely and beautiful! Their portraits on that mountain are to freaking die for.

Mathias Cederholm - That place is just stunning. Would love to go there some day.
You really did it justice and the portraits are wonderful.

seth goodman - Wow these are amazing photos! I really like the veil photo.

Kim - Not only is this a sweet, beautiful and wonderfully captured elopement, but you really worked it with that harsh sunlight on top of that mountain. Way to go!! Every one of these shots is gorgeous.

Shari - Wow, just wow. Gorgeous set of images. That black and white of the veil made me stop in my tracks. Killer.

Teresa K - Wow, what a surreal place to say your vows. You captured everything so beautifully. These photos take you there and in the years to come, that’s a very important thing for your bride and groom.

Joseph hall - Wow! Great wedding, great scenery – the veil photo took my breath away – stunning!

Heather Kanillopoolos - Gorgeous, intimate portraits. LOVE!

Dennis - Really great wedding photos! wow! I love this amazing photos.

Anonymous - I like the atmosphere in your pictures. - quem foi uma vez para hvar, não esquece jamais…

Jesús Fotografía - Really beautiful and intimate photos! Colors work very well and love the location too!

Maja Supin - Wow, amazing! Jon, told me you are amazing, but this is beyond what I was expecting! Really looking forward to meet and work with you on Vis wedding!


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I just want to say that I am really grateful for doing a job that I love, for meeting all these amazing people and traveling to beautiful places. Big thanks for all my dear couples from 2013., thank you for believing in me!
Last year I shoot weddings all across a Croatian cost, had pleasure to go to Italy, France, Germany, Austria and looks like 2014. will bring adventures in even more different places. I am so looking forward to it!

Photographs above are just my little selection of favorite ones.

Dragan - Simply savršeno :) Great control of the light, gorgeous post production and beautiful compositions..

Joseph hall - Thanks for sharing these – a great round up – love the guy in the tux in the light – great photo!

Paul Keppel - Beatiful set of images, I love the contrast in the black and whites. I wow you’ve photographed in some amazing locations :-)

Cam Grove - It looks like you had an incredible 2013 – really looking forward to seeing more of your adventures in 2014!

Martin Price - What an amazing year you had and fabulous photos!

Oana - Amazing places, beautiful couples and gorgeous instants. Congrats! :)


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I love these pictures, we made them on an a beautiful warm autumn afternoon these year that we are closing today, I think they are perfect reminder to show us what it is really important in our life, what we have to cherish and try to be the best we can…

Thank you Jelena and Bruno, and I wish you a happy 2014. in that far country that you call home know.

This is time of year in witch I usually post some kind of review of year, not the best pictures of last season just favorite ones, but I will ask you to bear a little bit more as for making that post takes time and in this holiday days every second I try to be with my family.

Happy New Year my friends! I hope it will be all that you wish for…

Jennifer - What stunning portraits! Love the varied compositions and perspectives…

Veronica Varos - Whaaaaaaat! This set is unreal. Brilliant lighting and such beautiful images!

Paul Von Rieter - Oh for petes sake these are incredible. Your direct light B&Ws are seriously brilliant. keep up the killer work. =)

Courtney - oh man! I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing your work before now. stunning. I’m also obsessed with her dress.

Tomasz Wagner - Killer shots here, Petar. Digging the mood, the colours, and your use of light. I regret not visiting Croatia when I was traveling around Central Europe last year!

Joanna - I just died looking at these photos. Stunning!!

Heather Elizabeth - WOW.Freaking WOW. This is absolutely amazing. Freaking killer set.

Gerry - This is one of your best sets

Gavin Farrington - These are amazing. Love the dramatic, timeless feel.

shyann - Wowzers. Such stunning images. The lighting is just perfect!

Will Kim - These are beautiful! Absolutely perfect!!!

Jessica Schilling - Wow, these are all so incredibly beautiful. I love the colors and composition in the first one so much!

Becca Dilley - Whoa, those portraits with the shadows are just killer. They really stand out.

Martin Price - Beautiful set of images, great work!

Tim Kelly - I love your work so damn much! These are stunning frames. You have to come over to New Zealand some time.

Paul Keppel - I’ve had to bookmark your site so I don’t forget it. I love those first shots with the harsh shadows in black and white and the dapple lighting with the bride. :-)