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Winter’s Day

napustena tvornica vjencanje zimsko_vjencanje_zagreb tvornica vjencanje tvornica vjencanje tvornica_vjencanje-Zagreb napustena_tvornica_vjencanje napustena_tvornica_vjencanje fotke_vjencanja_zeljeznica fotografije_vjencanja_zeljeznica fotografije_vjencanja_cool fotografije_vjencanja_drugacije fotografije_vjencanja_zeljeznica fotografije_vjencanja_zeljeznica fotografije_vjencanja_drugacije zimsko_vjencanje_zagreb zimsko_vjencanje_zagreb zimsko_vjencanje_zagreb napustena_tvornica_fotografije_vjencanje poziranje_vjencanje napustena_tvornica_vjencanje

From a cold February day we find protection in a old abandoned factory.
Thanks to Daniel and Maja for all the patience and love that they have put in this shoot…

David McNeil - This is such a great location for a shoot, and you have worked with the light so well. My favourites are the images shot with the couple backdropped by the warehouse.

kong wai - Beautiful !! love the mood a lot

Naomi G - really wonderful work, Petar. love the locations and the colors too.

Sarah Der! - Oh dear, major swoooooon. She’s beautiful. These photos are so quiet and moving and lovely. THOSE FIRST THREE–so, so good.

Adonye Jaja - yes please. This is a great set, loving your black and whites, and those first two images are wonderful!

Stefan Hellberg - amazing…first shot needs to be printed, hope they did that!

Galen - Great set of images! The location works great with the processing.

Jennifer - Beautiful! Love the contrast of her peachy, fuzzy ensemble with the barren, industrial backdrop.

Jane Haglund - What a cool setting!! Nice work!!

TJ Romero - I love the context and storytelling here! Maja’s portraits are fantastic!

Matthew Long - Beautifully atmospheric shoot

Dale Lempa - Awesome lighting, posing, tonality. Excellent work.

Ben Tomlin - Lovely lighting & location…. favs are 1-4 and the groom with his eyes closed, like how the tracks lead your eye in.

Sesja zdjęciowa - Fantastic pictures, a pleasure to watch them

Derek Martinez - Love the mood and your processing on these. Beautifully done!

BodaF 2013 Malaga

BodaF Malaga BodaF Malaga Boda Malaga BodaF Malaga BodaF Malaga BodaF Malaga BodaF Malaga BodaF Malaga BodaF Malaga Boda Malaga

These week I was a part of BodaF Malaga – one of the best wedding photography convention in the world.
I had the chance to learn and be inspired from my favorite wedding photographers – Jonas Peterson, Sean Flanigan, Ed Peers…

And it was much more than photography workshop…these guys unselfishly shared everything; lives stories, dreams, success but also a hard times that they experienced in that path.

And as far it sounds cliche it is a simple true, that I witnessed one more time;

follow your dreams

this is your life…do what you love!


Dragan Z. - Petar,.. I think you don’t have to envy anything to the guys you’ve mentioned in the post :)

ed peers - So good to hang out and share with you! Have a super year… Ed

Gerry Sulp - It was great to meet you in Malaga, dude :) I wish you success with working new ideas you took from BODAF!

Marko - Now we have to catch up so you can tell me everything about it :)

bryan - Fantastic images- well done.

Z&I, Wedding in Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik, my favorite wedding destination in Croatia.
Sea so blue and so crystal, narrow cobbled streets, soft summer breeze whispering over city walls soaked in the memories of a unique and magnificent history… a perfect stage for a wedding photographer. Could you imagine a more romantic venue for a bride’s dream day?
Making up in an apartment with a view over the ancient walls surrounding the city. A wedding ceremony taking place in the Cathedral built in the XIV century. A cocktail party on Karaka, a replica of the traditional sailboat belonging over centuries to the ancient Republic of Dubrovnik, while sailing towards a splendid sunset. The party continues in hotel Excelsior, on the Terrace of the Palms . The sounds of favorite music, being played by a live band, dear friends and family gathering in joy and delight – it’s a perfect day on a perfect place.

You can see why I really love taking photographs of weddings in Dubrovnik…

John P - Wow, wow, wow. I’m totally going to have to add you as one of my fave togs because of this incredible post. I adore your style and I’m sure this charming couple are going to be forever grateful they picked you to capture their amazing day. And hey, the view out those windows aint too shabby neither.

Alicia Adamopoulos - This looks like a elegant wedding. What an amazing setting too. Gorgeous.

Dale Lempa - Wonderful style; Weddings in Dubrovnik are awsome. And the kids peeping from several shots mixed in.

kong wai - Beautiful!! I like the way you tell the story

Kelsie Taylor - oh my gosh!! the bride is such a stunner!

Laura Burlton - Gosh, this is just amazingly gorgeous. The bride and groom, the setting, her dress, and the great storytelling. Love it!

Nora - What an incredible wedding! Brides dress and the way you have told their story is just perfect. Well done.

MARK PACURA - Absolutely stunning work. Dubrovnik is a great city, I agree but you managed to record it in a nice way as well.

Kyle - Jeez, model couple, stunning wedding and amazing storytelling. This whole blog post is insane!

coler - This is ridiculous. What a location.

Veronica Varos - My goodness, this is truly a stunning set of wedding photographs! How lucky the bride and groom must feel to have such a lovely cluster of memories from their day. :)

Dragan - Čudovito!!

Stephen Shefrin - These are awesome. You have a great eye.

Paula McEntee - Wow!! Truly stunning wedding pictures Petar! Gorgeous!

Ana - Predivne fotografije, ovo je jedno od najljepših vjenčanja koje sam vidjela! Svaka čast fotografu ;)

Albert - stunning set of wedding photos!!

Derek Martinez - Gorgeous wedding! All the emotions you captured and your portraits are just stunning!

Thomas - Hey mate! Your work is amazing. I love your tones, your usage of light, the portraits and these amazing moments… well done.